Entertrainment – the gleis7 app.

 To put an end to boring journeys.

Always check in with your app before getting onto a train. When you arrive at your destination, simply check out again. The number of kilometres you travel are automatically converted into gleis7 credits and added to your account. gleis7 credits offer you exclusive perks. You can benefit from cinema vouchers and discounts on clothes and video games, among other things.

The app lets you know who else has checked in on the train, so you can meet new people, chat and flirt with them, or just play Connect 4. And you can collect trophies for yourself!

you have to subscribe at gleis7.ch so that we can convert the kilometres you have travelled and add them to your account as credits. It only takes a minute and is very simple.

Register now on gleis7.ch Link opens in new window.

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